She was invited for an interview by Sky Sports ahead of a game in The Hundred.

Malala Yousafzai
Malala Yousafzai. (Photo Source: Twitter)

England Cricket’s summer is in full flow at the moment. The inaugural edition of the The Hundred has increased the excitement among everyone in the country. Even the Women’s edition of the newest format has witnessed some of the best matches so far. Ahead of one of the matches on Monday, Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai was also invited by Sky Sports and she had a wonderful message for the girls willing to take up the sport.

Malala is known for her work in women empowerment and education and she rightfully urged young women to believe in themselves in order to achieve their dreams. She is also of the opinion that the girls/women should never be discouraged from playing any sport based on their gender.

“Even today, when we see women cricket players playing in this stadium, they are sending a message to all girls out there that they can be in sports, they can be players, they can play any sport they want,” Malala said in an interview.

We are there to support you, Malala to girls wanting to take up sport

Malala also pointed out that a lot of women are being role models nowadays creating history in different fields. She hoped that the people around don’t limit young girls from achieving big dreams. The Nobel Peace Prize winner also had a message for the upcoming generation of girls telling them to give it a try if they are willing to play cricket and if they like, then just take up as a career option.

“I think we are already seeing so many women role models who are changing history. I hope that we don’t limit women from going to any position that they dream of. I want to tell all girls, just try it, give it a try and if you enjoy it, go for it. We are there to support you,” she further added in the interview.


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