Sachin Tendulkar spent half his career when there wasn’t any technology to play around with while the other half saw technology influence the game.

Mumbai: Sachin Tendulkar. (Photo: IANS)

Technology has changed a lot of things in sports. In today’s day and age, players can get a lot of help from technology to fine-tune their game. This is one of the aspects which has truly revolutionized international cricket. In a recent interview, former Indian great Sachin Tendulkar talked about the use of technology and also gave a tip on how he used it to his benefit. 

Tendulkar recalled during the same chat that it was in 2002 when a laptop was brought to the Indian dressing room. He further revealed what his reaction was when he first saw a laptop being used in the dressing room. Over the years, with the growth of technology, the importance of analysis has also taken a shape and in a lot of ways has helped cricketers. 

“Technology has changed everything. In 2002, a laptop was brought to the dressing room and I said, ‘laptop kya Karega dressing room mein? (What will a laptop do in the dressing room?),’” he told The Indian Express in an exclusive chat. Tendulkar also noted how technology helped the team. He revealed that it took some time but eventually everyone started to accept it and adapt to it. 

Over a period of time, there was acceptance: Sachin Tendulkar

“Over a period of time, there was acceptance. Only if there is acceptance, will there be adaptability. Our team meetings started to be more precise. It was not left to individual imaginations. So, the meetings were not like earlier, where we used to say … “yaad hai na Melbourne mein outswing pe out Kiya tha (remember back then at Melbourne, how we got them out)”. And after saying that, no one knew who was thinking about that Melbourne day and how we got the batsmen out” Tendulkar said. 

The former Indian batsman said that with the help of technology, people could easily now point out where the foot of the batsman was landing and how exactly a batsman has been dismissed in a similar fashion. But, it should be said that not all cricketers enjoy the use of technology as some feel it has been used excessively. 

Master Blaster revealed that he took a different approach to the whole use of technology situation. He noted that if he got too deep into it then his mind would get complicated. Tendulkar said that he would often watch the bowling of his opposition but he preferred not to watch too much of his batting. His plan was to be fully prepared for the bowlers. 


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