Butt also put forward the thought that at the international level the batters are not scared of the pace.

Salman Butt
Salman Butt. (Photo Source: ARIF ALI/AFP via Getty Images)

The former Pakistan captain Salman Butt has expressed his thoughts on Pakistan’s fast bowlers. He asserted that they are very young and that they need to gain domestic exposure in order to develop their skill set. He pointed out the toughness of Test cricket and stated that that the pacers have very minimal experience in first-class cricket.

Butt reckoned that there is a long way to go before the Pakistan bowlers are placed in the same spectrum as that of the India speedsters. He highlighted the vast domestic experience that the Indian bowlers possess under their sleeves and pointed that speed is not the ultimate thing. Butt feels that the Pakistan bowlers are obsessed with bowling at speed and that alone isn’t enough to succeed at the highest level.

“In India, Siraj alone has played over 40 first-class games. Ishant Sharma would have played over 100 first-class games. Jasprit Bumrah too has credited the improvement in his bowling to Ranji Trophy. He was not selected in the Indian team by bowling two balls over 145 kph. Pakistan’s problem is that they are only obsessed with bowling at 140 kph regularly,” Butt said on his YouTube channel.

Pakistan’s bowlers need to learn skills and gain experience, says Butt

Playing in the domestic circuit and toiling hard there helps the players to figure out their game. It further adds to their experience and skill set. Salman Butt thus put forward the thought that at the international level the batters are not scared of the pace. He suggested that when the young speedsters of Pakistan will spend time in the domestic circuit and play a few seasons, they will better their talent and skills.

“No one is scared of bowlers bowling at 140 kph. James Anderson is doing it at the age of 40. Australia’ pace trio of Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood, and Mitchell Starc also bowl fast but they still lost in Bangladesh (Cummins is not part of the series). Pakistan’s bowlers are very talented, but they need to learn skills and gain experience.

“Once they play 35 first-class matches, you will see the difference. The ones who will pass the test will be long-term prospects. So now is the wrong time to compare Pakistan with India’s fast bowlers. You can compare their pace not skill,” he concluded.


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