Incident reported by female fan: –

With the first test match turning out to be a cutthroat game and with rain playing spoilsport several cricket fans were disappointed. With the first test match ending in a draw, the series still stays level at 0-0! However, what has started a spark now is the fact that a few Indian fans and Indian cricketers reported racial abuse from the English fans. Although no direct comments and reports were made by the cricketers, this matter has been observed. The incident was reported and revealed by a British Indian female fan who recounted the incident as “horrible”.

Called “Sh***y Shami”: –

The lady took to Reddit to reveal this ordeal. All of this began with the fans calling out the Indian players racist slurs and abuses. They called Mohammad Shami “Sh**** Shami” and referred to Virat as “Wanker Kohli” after he failed to make use of the reviews. We could visibly see the fans mocking Kohli on screen but this ordeal went too far verbally. The visitors were also called “Lazy” and “Cheats”.

Most of the English fans were making this sign and mocking Virat over his failure to take a fruitful review!

When all of this was going on a 31-year-old lady stepped up and asked the fans to stay calm and stop the abuses. In return the lady was questioned about her nationality and once affirmed as Indian, she was abused by saying, “Go Back To India!”. The ground security and steward, however, were quick enough to react and removed one particular fan from the stands for this ordeal. The lady was then later on moved to a section with more Indian fans.

Reffered as “Delta” : –

The third situation was raised when a few Indian fans were referred to as a “Delta”. They were called “Delta” because it was previously known as the “Indian Variant” of the coronavirus in the UK. This incident has come as an absolute shock. The ECB, which always tries and works for the eradication of racism from sports is yet to take action.

English fans previously have been ambassadors of a good audience!!

With ECB working for the eradication of racism, taking a knee, and asking their players to wear shirts bearing “Sports for All” such an incident is one of its kind. We also need to acknowledge that previously fans in the UK have never been so rude and have had a genuine interest in the game. With more such incidents such as the SCG Siraj incident and now this one, the ICC needs to make a protocol for racism control.


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