Rohit Sharma is being talked about for having one of the tactical minds as a captain.

Mumbai Indians
Mumbai Indians. (Photo Source: IPL/BCCI)

Rohit Sharma might well retire as the most successful captain, in terms of matches and trophies, in the Indian Premier League. At 34, he has already won five titles for Mumbai Indians and of those have come since 2013. Two of them in successive seasons. And if Mumbai’s performance in the first leg of the IPL 2021 had anything to say, it seems a third in a row is a good possibility. 

At the back of this highly successful team, which is probably the most successful team in the history of T20 cricket, there is a brilliant captain. But, what makes Rohit an excellent captain? Why has he been able to build a team as strong as Mumbai Indians, despite a title drought in the franchise’s first few years? Here are the-

Five qualities which make Rohit Sharma the best captain in IPL

1. Backs young players and players going through a rough patch

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma. (Photo: Surjeet Yadav/IANS)

One of the most important qualities of any good captain has to be an ability to eye talent and back them. It is crucial for a captain to be able to understand his game along with 10 other men with him on the field. Think about the captains in the past who have been successful and you will see there are endless stories of them backing players when they are down and out. 

During his stint as a captain at Mumbai Indians, Rohit has backed players when they have been struggling, only to find success with them in the future. For instance, Hardik Pandya had an average of 6 with the bat in the 2016 season. Rohit stuck by his side and with time, Pandya has improved his batting immensely to deliver for Mumbai in crunch situations. Think about Pollard, who seemed almost done just a few years ago. His numbers had dried up but Rohit and the team backed him and his form in the last two seasons has been impeccable. Lasith Malinga had a poor run but Rohit kept him around for his experience. Bumrah has taken time to mature as a bowler. 

Then there’s Rahul Chahar who has openly admitted that Rohit has often backed young players such as him despite their form being up and down. All of that understanding of a player’s form may come for Rohit from his own journey. No one knows what it is to have it in you but yet not convert it into performances. To have someone like that as a captain, who himself has seen all the ups and downs, is a blessing for a team. 


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