Coaches who went on to be controversial in their journey with the teams.

Bob Woolmer
Bob Woolmer. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images for ICC)

Over the years, the concept of having coaches has varyingly evolved based on different team cultures. For eg in Australia, often the head coach is the one who helms his cricket rather than a captain, whereas, in the Indian cricket culture, it is the captain that sovereigns the setup.

However, regardless of these varying cultures and the new emergence of other coaching job profiles, a head coach still remains the one who actively has to administer every aspect that is in accordance with the team’s running. Overall they often are the unsung heroes when the team soars along with a baddy if the team fails.

However, a few of them while doing their work have functioned controversially that also had resulted in their unpleasant sacking. Hence in this list, let’s rank-

Top 10 controversial coaches in the history of cricket

10. Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad News
Javed Miandad. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Just like the current bowling coach Waqar Younis, even Javed Miandad has had at least three coaching stints with the Pakistan team in the past. The cricketer had first established himself as the head coach way back in 1998 and was last shown the door in 2004 when Pakistan had dreadfully lost to India in their own backyard.

However, while his second and the third coaching stints were majorly ceased because of the uncertain and awful performances of the overall side, Miandad had an utterly controversial time while coaching Pakistan during the 1998-99 period.

While being appointed as a head coach back in September 1998, the Pakistan team under Miandad had outstandingly won a Tri-series in India along with a triumph in Asian Test Championship and Sharjah Cup in April 1999. Hence with the team starting as a heavyweight for the 1999 World Cup, a controversial feud amongst the players and Miandad had emerged up just before the team’s departure for the pinnacle event.

Before the start of the World Cup, the Pakistani players had revolted against Miandad which claimed that the coach had made some baseless match-fixing allegations against them during the earlier Sharjah Cup tournament. Perhaps, two senior members of the team had also reportedly threatened the coach with their bats because of an accusation made against them for underperforming.

Eventually, while Miandad did lose his job before the World Cup, the Pakistani legend revealed a shocking claim where he said “Some years later Saeed Anwar came to me and apologised to me for being part of the campaign against me and admitted that senior players used to instigate the junior players against me,” he claimed. ”Later on in the World Cup, these same group of players were responsible for the shock defeat against Bangladesh, and then what happened in the final is now part of history,” he said.


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