Virat Kohli started giving prime importance to his fitness from 2012.

Virat Kohli against England
Virat Kohli against England. (Photo by Surjeet Yadav/Getty Images)

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is considered as one of the modern-day batting greats across the world. The way he has achieved records to his name in his career which is yet to last long has drawn a lot of appreciation from fans and big names in the cricket world. However, there is another aspect to his game that is lauded by one and all and that is extreme fitness.

Kohli opened up on his fitness journey recently and added that earlier he used to eat just anything without thinking much of his health. He talked about a Chinese restaurant that used to be his favourite in Delhi but he changed his habits to touch the prime in the game of cricket.

I used to eat everything back then: Virat Kohli

“I was very chubby… I used to eat everything back then, chicken fried rice was my regular with chilly chicken,” added Kohli in a conversation with Dinesh Karthik recently.

Kohli talked about an incident that changed his life and he started focusing on his fitness. After a match in IPL 2012, Kohli saw himself in the mirror and was ashamed of the figure he had while playing cricket at the highest level. He added that he changed his fitness goals from that very moment and has never looked back ever since.

“Everything about my diet and training changed from the next day onwards and it became an obsession,” added Kohli.

I was down quite a bit, reckons Kohli

The Indian skipper also opened up on the darkest phase of his career so far which came on the tour of England back in 2014 where he suffered big time against pacer James Anderson. He added that he started suffering mentally after that phase but it has only made him stronger and he went on to realize who is with him in his journey and who is not.

“I went back home. I was down quite a bit. The great thing that happened at that time was I realized who is with me and who is not,” Kohli concluded.


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