Rohit Sharma’s main aim of this fun activity was to get all the players involved.

Indian Cricket Team
Indian Cricket Team. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The countdown of the start of India’s five-match Test series is ticking over as only two days are left for the exciting series. If pacer Jasprit Bumrah left everyone in splits by wearing pads while bowling in the nets, then opening batter Rohit Sharma made sure to take it to another level by playing an interesting and unique game with his teammates ahead of the first Test match which is set to begin on August 4.

In this fun activity, the players were divided into two groups with fielding coach R Sridhar being given the task of hitting a tennis ball in the air. A designated player from each team then should try to get underneath the ball and bounce it off with his helmet. Before the game began, Sharma was seen giving instructions to the players in Hindi and make them understand the rules of the game.

In the video uploaded by BCCI on its official Twitter account, all the top players such as Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant, and Ravi Ashwin participated in this fun game, which saw players trying to quickly catch the ball, albeit maintaining humor too.

Maverick wicketkeeper-batter Rishabh Pant was assigned to bounce off the ball by one team and he seemed to do it comfortably by throwing the ball far away. Later in the video, bowling coach Bharat Arun was seen chatting with few players and getting involved in this unique activity.

Vikram Rathour opens up about the fun session

“We were all seeing that it was a lot of fun. So I thought it would be a good idea if support staff also participated and we did. They were all very supportive and we even saw Paaji coming in and trying his best. So, good fun, great game to start the day with,” India batting coach Vikram Rathour said.

In the video, one can see Rahane and Kohli having successfully recovered from a hamstring injury and back pain respectively. The duo was seen moving briskly and trying to catch the ball. Rohit Sharma, who gave the idea of this fun activity spoke about how he wanted everyone to get involved in this team-building fun activity.

“It was very simple. I think the guys did a great job. It’s a good way to start the day, you know, getting everybody involved was the whole idea and we had a bit of fun,” said Rohit Sharma.


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