A BCB official stated that Mushfiqur Rahim had gone back home because of a family issue, and is now not allowed to re-enter the bubble.

Mushfiqur Rahim
Mushfiqur Rahim. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Bangladesh suffered a major blow after it was learnt that veteran cricketer Mushfiqur Rahim will not be a part of the upcoming T20I series against the Australian side. Rahim’s parents had been infected with Covid-19, and as a result, the Bangladesh cricketer had flown home. And now, Rahim has not been allowed re-entry into the bubble.

A member of the Bangladesh cricket board stated that what has happened in Mushfiqur Rahim’s case is unfair. Adding that the Bangladesh side had come in a commercial flight and passed through three airports, the official stated that Rahim had gone back home in the middle of a tour because of a family issue.

The official even added that not allowing Rahim to re-enter the bio bubble is something that is not fair.

“It is unfair what happened with Mushfiq. We came in a commercial flight passing through three airports so I don’t know if it makes much sense to keep Mushfiq out of the series. He went back home from the middle of a tour for a family problem. So to not allow him to enter the quarantine after just two or three days, is not right,” said the official as quoted by ESPNCricinfo.

What does the agreement between CA and BCB state?

The official added that the agreement between Cricket Australia (CA) and the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) states that no one from outside can enter the bio bubble. The series will be held inside the bubble, and the selectors had also picked the players keeping this in mind. The official concluded by revealing that there are no alternatives available as well.

“The agreement between CA and BCB says that there is no chance for allowing anyone from outside into the bio-bubble. We have to hold the series with only those inside the bio-bubble. There will be challenges but this is the new normal. I think the selectors have picked the players who are best available during this scenario. There are no alternatives but to take our best available options,” concluded the official.

The five-match T20I series between Bangladesh and Australia is scheduled to begin on 3rd August 2021.


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