Akram opined that the management should strive to stage tours against tougher oppositions.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 23: Wasim Akram. (Photo by Philip Brown/Popperfoto via Getty Images)

It rings true that Pakistan haven’t had a good time on the 22 yards recently. They were placed under major scrutiny for their performances against England. The team struggled to make strong comebacks in the ODIs as well as T20Is against the hosts and thus many former players spoke about the intent of the side. Pakistan’s former captain Wasim Akram too has reacted to the team’s dismal display stating the need to play more competitive cricket against stronger oppositions.

Playing high-intensity matches against powerful oppositions more often than not helps the team to punch above their weights. Wasim Akram pointed that the organizers are the ones who need to be blamed for organizing tours against comparatively weaker oppositions. He compared the scenario to that with India wherein two teams are playing different oppositions. Akram opined that the management should strive to stage tours against tougher oppositions so that the players can improve at the international level.

“I want to meet that genius who is organizing tours of Zimbabwe. I want to offer him extra praise and say ‘well done, you’ve done a great job’. It is not going to benefit us. It will only be helpful for them. Once in four years, I’m ok with that. If you compare with India. Their one team is in Sri Lanka, other is in England. And they can raise another team. They improved their system 10 years ago. They invested money, brought in professionals,” Akram said on ARY News. As reported by Hindustan Times

To ask to pick that person is embarrassing: Wasim Akram

Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most followed sports around the world. It is a known fact that often the onlookers are all up with their suggestions on the built-up of a team. Akram who is part of the cricket committee to supervise the overall affairs of cricket in Pakistan opened up about how people have been sending him recommendations for selections. The former speedster stated that it feels embarrassing and requested the people to stop doing the same.

“Dear Pakistanis, please… I’m talking about the educated guys. Stop calling. Stop recommendations. This is the 21st century. Before selection, I get calls, ‘pick this player, pick that player.’ It’s a different thing if you want someone to have a look at a player, but to ask to pick that person is embarrassing,” Akram added.


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