There are bowlers who are ruling the world cricket currently across various formats.

Mohammed Shami
Mohammed Shami. (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

Cricket, described as a batsman’s game, and rightly so because of the many advantages batsmen get in various facets of the game. From shorter boundary ropes to bigger bats, batsmen have it all. Even then it is said that good batsmen win you matches but good bowlers win you tournaments. Ever wondered why?

It’s because a batsman needs to be successful every time a bowler comes into bowl whereas a bowler needs to be lucky enough once to see the back of the batsman towards the dressing room. With the popularity of T20s increasing, cricket has become more biased towards the batsmen as people are excited by four and sixes and not by bowlers bowling dot balls and hitting the stumps.

However, there are some bowlers who bowl their heart & soul out and manage to do the job for the team. Such bowlers are invaluable to the success of a team. Hence, it can be safely said that till these bowlers are around the cricketing arena, batsmen will have to work hard for their runs. So let’s see the

10 most valuable bowlers in the cricketing world currently 

10. Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib Al Hasan IPL 2021
Shakib Al Hasan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Must be wondering why have Shakib has been considered as a bowler, right? But just look at his stats and what he has achieved for Bangladesh cricket. He has been the knight in shining armour & undoubtedly the best player Bangladesh has ever produced. 

Having represented Bangladesh 357 times, he has picked up 594 wickets including 22 five-wicket hauls and two ten-wicket hauls. The stats are better than many bowlers, let alone all-rounders. Imagine the massive impact he must’ve had on Bangladesh cricket. 

He is the highest wicket-taker for Bangladesh in all formats and still looking strong at 34-years of age. It is fair to say that Shakib Al Hasan has carried Bangladesh cricket for over a decade & still is their best bowler by a mile. 


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