Naresh Tumda was a part of the Indian Cricket team that lifted the Blind World Cup in 2018 by defeating Pakistan at Sharjah.

Naresh Tumda
Naresh Tumda. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Winning a World Cup for the country is arguably the most cherishable moment for any cricketer. It is the most special achievement of their careers and one that they go on to celebrate for years. However, life had some different scripts for Naresh Tumda who was a part of the Indian Cricket team that lifted the Blind World Cup in 2018 by defeating Pakistan at Sharjah. The youngster has been struggling to make ends meet post the World Cup victory as he is now working as a labourer to survive.

Naresh Tumda started playing cricket at the age of just five and had displayed his sheer flair by earning the tag of a talented cricketer. Owing to his skill set and flair he became part of the Gujarat team in the year 2014. Tumda soon received his national call and got the opportunity to play for India. Unfortunately due to the uncertainties of his economic conditions, he is now forced to work as a labourer to earn his livelihood.

With the aim of ironing out his many problems, Tumda applied for a lot of government jobs but did not receive any responses from them. This made the Indian cricketer appeal to the government to provide him with some help. “I earn Rs 250 a day. I urge the government to give me a job so that I can earn my livelihood,” Tumda said as reported by yahoo cricket

The numerous hurdles in Naresh Tumda’s path

Naresh Tumda has the responsibility of taking care of five people in his family. He is the sole bread-earner and had asserted that the money from selling vegetables isn’t enough to cater to the needs of the family. He thus decided to work as a labourer and lift bricks. The 29-year-old has to toil hard and face these hurdles as his parents are old and cannot lend any helping hand. Tumda’s struggle makes one ponder about the conditions of the specially-abled cricketers in India.

“When the Indian cricket team wins the World Cup, the government and corporations rain money on them. Are we lesser sportsmen because we are blind? Society should treat us equally,” Naresh Tumda had told Times of India.


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