Fans are not happy with the umpiring standards.

Chetan Sakariya
Chetan Sakariya. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Several odds were against Team India in the second T20I against Sri Lanka. With as many as nine players unavailable, the visitors hardly managed to name a playing XI. However, these factors didn’t restrict them from putting up a commendable fight. They kept Sri Lanka on their toes throughout the game and looked even set to cross the line. However, some handy contributions from the middle and lower order meant Sri Lanka chase 133 in 19.4 overs, winning the game by four wickets.

The scoreline clearly shows the Lankan Lions had to work hard to cross the line. It won’t be much wrong to say luck was also in their favour. Indian fielders dropped some crucial catches which could have changed the course of the game. Moreover, a few of the umpires’ decisions also helped them to level the series 1-1.

The on-field umpires made several debatable calls during the second T20I in Colombo. However, the wide call in the last over of the game has to be the most significant. For the unversed, Sri Lanka needed eight runs of the final over and debutant Chetan Sakariya was handling the bowling duties. The left-arm pacer had bowled brilliantly in the last over and the hosts only had four wickets in hand.

Controversial decision lands in Sri Lanka’s favour

Hence, the encounter was perfectly poised. However, a wide ball by the umpire tilted the momentum in Sri Lanka’s favour. It was the second ball of the over and Sakariya went for a back-of-a-length delivery. Although the ball landed well outside the off-stump, Chamika Karunaratne, the on-strike batter, moved across and the ball was in his range.

However, he failed to make a connection and a fumble from wicket-keeper Sanju Samson helped Sri Lanka sneak a bye. The controversial part was the umpire calling that delivery a wide. Indian skipper Shikhar Dhawan wasn’t amused with the decision and he even had a word with the umpire. However, the decision stayed and the hosts got a couple of runs without the delivery being count.

The equation finally came down to Sri Lanka requiring five runs off as many deliveries and they crossed the line with two balls to spare. Needless to mention, fans weren’t happy with the umpiring as they expressed their disappointment on social media.

Here’s how Twitterati reacted:


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